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Author 1211
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Created 2012-04-28
Last Modified 2012-04-28
by 13 people.
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Description An old map of mine. Enjoy!

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First try AGD.

A little too easy to be very fun imo. The chaingun just wasn't very threatening. 2.5/5
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Aww, I would!

But I don't have the time or interest for mapping anymore. I've been playing a little more lately but only because I'm procrastinating on other things. Sorry. :(

very nice

I like it a lot especially the tiles :p

just been really busy lately and haven't really been inspired to make any maps. But I'm starting to check back more offen and I go on irc every now and then.

Very very nice map.


There are not the same demo, even I change the path, but I got the same amount of frames
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REally enjoyed it! Viva highscoring maps!!
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this is my second real attempt:
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this is my first real attempt:
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for me no problem!!!!!


Have a 5

for no reason. :3


I had fun playing this map.
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i enjoyed this map.
Ancient stuff is great ^^


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