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Author BiiK
Tags author:biik biik easy hard mines normal unrated
Created 2012-04-28
Last Modified 2012-04-28
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Description FUNNY :D


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eddy nice replay :O


Enjoyed much
300 frames faster than jasdanu
Nice nmap and welcome to NUMA
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jasdanu nice replay :O

just a completion demo lol, nice map for a first! as lsudny said, could use less mines, and also if you worked on the tileset a bit too to make it more appealing that would be nice :)
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slow demo
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Nice lsudny ;)
and here is my replay
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welcome to NUMA!

have fun here. use less mines, about 50% of them are unnecessary. the mine overload causes map to load long, which is annoying. the gameplay is rather boring, some gold or bounceblocks would be nice

whatever, here's a shitty death demo
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