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Author BiiK
Tags author:biik biik logo n-game numa unrated userlevels
Created 2012-04-28
Last Modified 2012-04-28
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Description n logo 1 is very easy ! :D

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Funny map, sub-600 possible
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What bug?

this is bug ??? :D

not bad at all. it was fun to speed.
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wall of text:

sorry to repeat the obvious but please try not to post more than 2 maps at a time. It's not a rule but it's just to respect the other map makers.

The majority of players dont check past the front page and it can be a little frustrating if half of it is taken by one person. :)

as for the map, try not to make it too crouded, usually less is more. Playtest until you're very happy with it. If you truly enjoy playing that map, others will too.

Check out the featured maps page, a good handful of those maps are made by very good players, you'll get an understanding as to what goes where :)

Other than that, hey! welcome to numa :D
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Demo Data
A rule that we have here so every map can get attention.

Aaaand another map.

Please delist 2 maps.