Fake Plastic Trees

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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 featured lukesv radiohead rated
Created 2012-05-01
Last Modified 2012-05-01
by 20 people.
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Description A collab with LUKESV. Enjoy!

This map was featured on 2012-12-11

Suited for the holidays, Fake Plastic Trees makes a fantastic map to sit down with your eggnog and play for a few minutes. It's relaxing, it's refreshing, the gold is nice and fun to get, and I can assure you you'll never get frustrated. Imagine it as Trance and Lukesv's holiday gift to you.

So let us thank them by relaxing and playing for awhile.
I certainly did!


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Why are there trees growing on your checker board? Why are your mines so well placed? Why that guass so effective? Why and I asking so many questions?

Good Question. 5/5


p neat map. gauss + rocket is annoying regardless of how it's laid out but this is very nicely done. um and i liked jumping over the spikey tree! :D

Great feature


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fun little plastic trees
Demo Data

and LUKE!!!


I have already a decent AGD run here..
Congratulations 1211!!!!

great level

you two should do another collab together, this one was sweet. loved the atmosphere. congrats on the feature.

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I think this is a sign that we should do another collab soon.


Good to have a feature on 12/11/12. Thanks! :)
Disapproval would be folly

This is fun and atmospheric, just what we need to relax during exams. In fact, this is way more fun than studying!
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hey guys.

sorry I couldn't post it any sooner today, I was really sick and this is the first time I could get on a computer. Can the reviewer on the 11th please hold off a little?


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sick map. played for about 30 minutes.


Really great ambience here. Gauss worked precise and fine, that beautiful gold are very nice to get. LUKE is a relly great partner. Seriously, trance, you both have made a really stylistic and beauty map here. With doses of highscore. Loved. 5/5
and Faved for improvements and speedruns..
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Doesn't look that great but I think that's common of a lot of collabs. The gameplay is mostly there. Pretty interesting to figure out how to finish it.


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Fake Plastic Trees? []
Fun, but a bit checkery-y. 3.5^


Fastest highscore also on Nreality (798 frames).
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Cleaned it up

A little bit. Sub 450.
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sub 900 frames
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pretty nice map

annoying at times when it comes to getting all the gold, but it's nice. 4/5

also, i hate to be an attention whore, but would you mind playing my latest map?

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Cleaning it up now. Nice map, gold's a bit wierd. 4/5
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AGD nice and relaxing
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Fast rate is fast!

Thanks Orp!


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