Castlevania 5 level 5: Echos of the Dead

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags author:wordblamcreator cv5 drones medium ruins unrated wbc
Created 2012-05-01
Last Modified 2012-05-01
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Description I clambered over the cliff edge. The rope wasn't particularly thick, which provided less grip than I would have liked. It also had given me rope burn. I dropped to my knees, panting. Without adrenalin's aid, fatigue had finally caught up with me.

As my breath returned, I looked up. Cyrus stood a few feet away gazing at another cliff face, almost has vicious looking as the last.

"Not another one," I cried, I could not bear the thought of having to climb that unforgiving rope again.

I ignored the Gaul, there was something familiar. A cave like retreat into the cliff side that brought images of Thiess to my mind.

"Humans." I mumbled under my breath making the connection, "A settlement."

It feels nice to be mapping again. I keep getting the feeling that I want to rush the plot a bit. For those of you that have been keeping track of it, do you think I should push forward with the story progression?

Anyway don't forget to comment, post demos, and rate, because only you can make the ninjas appear.

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great map

pretty hard though. my favorite part is the jump out of the first door key area. pretty inspiring jumps all around
quite thoroughly enough. I was sure all three of those we no longer possible. Oh well. A normal demo is sure to come.

cheatable route #3

lol i do apologize, it's just too much fun
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i apologize, it's just in my nature to do this.
Demo Data

cheatable route #1

Demo Data