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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 chrise rated retile
Created 2012-05-01
Last Modified 2013-01-28
by 5 people.
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Description Retile of this: Brain []

Aidiera got me into retiles. :3

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incredible retile.

I love it it feels like some kind of factory. I loved the jumper feel as well. Nice job. 5.


This really turned pretty awesomely!
I ahve to say that this is one of the most extremely well executed retiles I've ever seen! Here I have chosen to speedrun still be improved, you can see the route that you have set up perfect for sr. And I would just talk about all the gold. An adventure. Actually this retile, you've got to take the gold is an adventure of jumps and ingenious movements. The rockets work perfectly. Bravo trance!
5/5 and faved for speed improvements and and sometime go crazy with the adventure of gold.
Demo Data
Demo Data


The left side with the "5" tiles that are above the exit were suppose to be the way up. Looks like I forgot to edit the other side, but I'll keep it like this so that I don't ruin your demos.

Great retile

Sad demo
Demo Data