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Author da_guru
Tags 23 author:da_guru blurredblue brzzl featured playable plutonium rated
Created 2012-05-04
Last Modified 2012-05-04
by 7 people.
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Description Try to slow down the radioactive decay.

This map was featured on 2019-05-20

This unstable core takes the form of an unfolding pattern of red light. Just looking at the center exposes you to the laser drones and their intensifying pressure. Seek shelter from Plutonium's deadly core for a short break, but know that every moment wasted causes even more radioactive decay - and that you've still got to get out alive... — PALEMOON

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The drones are easy enough to navigate with a bit of consideration but have a massive presence in the map
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This is a

dope map.


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Will you playtest a map for me?


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Amazing, really.

This map was a blast, literally. Having all those lasers flying at you like that makes your adrenaline pump. Very nice tiles, gameplay, and item placement. Bravo, 5/5.
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great tiles

I know

But also think, that's isn't a good idea sub all the pack here on NUMA.
You can read my comment on Terpsichore 0-00 from Sen here on NUMA, the same words for you, guru. You have an excellent skill to make new cool and great stuff..


I'm still in the process of submitting blurredblue. No, I didn't submit that before.

Tris is from Blurred Blue, guru?


The lasers were great!
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