Apocalypto, The Laserhorse

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Author da_guru
Tags 25 apocalyptothelaserhorse author:da_guru blurredblue galloping playable unrated
Created 2012-05-07
Last Modified 2012-05-07
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Map Data

Description Galloping through ruins, proclaiming the end of the world.

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Not a fan of the lasers, so I got rid of them. I also fleshed out the bottom (which is necessary for agd, but optional for completion)

Sample Death demo:
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Why lasers. Just why.
Good use of lasers, but I didn't like the map in general. Perhaps because of the excess of waiting.

I loved this one.

4aved! Looks very nice. :D


why did you have to wait for it? you should be able to just pass by. look at this demo:
Demo Data

3/5 isn't low. XD

Anyway, nice tileset you have here. Not sure about the head but the rest is very cool.
but i don't like rating maps low.
i also didn't like the starting posision (on the tile "corner"). a bit boring map. i did like the gauss though, looks neat in thumbnail, too.
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