Party Pants

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Author _destiny^-
Tags abstract author:_destiny^- destiny playable race rated
Created 2012-05-08
Last Modified 2012-05-08
by 10 people.
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Description They're pants you wear to a party.

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What? I didn't understand your comments. Dafuq.

Sort of abstract

Not like the old days. It's cool though

Fun stuff

A bit tricky for me.


Finally, could get a (bad) demo.
Demo Data


I can't even get a complete demo. ._.
I'll begin to map again, if I get a new keyboard, I broke my Laptop's one.

I don't think, that destiny is "back", I'd say it's just like a map in between. :)

To the map: I agree with Aidiera. The map is at all very good, but well, why do I say this to you? :D You're better than me, and you should know this all, no matter. I really like this sort of flow, isn't like other races. How the tags say, it's "abstract", and I like it. The thumbnail let's it look worse, as it is. But play and enjoy it.

4.5^ from Nude. :D

he's back


where's the party?

(It's in my pants)

I fucked it up.

I agree with Aids, but overall a very cool race. 4/5
Demo Data

Also - not everybody wears their pants at parties.

I agree with Aidera.


good to see you again destiny. not quite the slickness I'm used to unfortunately.

There should've been a bounceblock to help.
Demo Data


Demo Data



do not know what the hell happens to my computer today, and today has a lag really bad, I'm playing at Ned with 35 to 40 ms/f, therefore I can not do better.

faster speedrun

Demo Data


the whole race is great also
Demo Data

An absolutely stunning map


And I thought we were never going to talk about that again.