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Author Traveleravi
Tags author:traveleravi medium thwump unrated
Created 2012-05-09
Last Modified 2012-05-09
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Description Interesting and simple. Not too hard but fun to play.

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This it's just the contrary of a first user map, weird, clean and little, and also it plays fine.
A 4 because this is a weird first map.
You will see what Synonym thing is... its kind of like a thing where I post maps that are kind of episodish and are a synonym to each other like set one: Weird Strange Mysterious Queer
Its hard to explain, you will see ;)

Who said 50 maps? I have seen MANY mappacks that aren't 50... and if it is too narrow i could change it to "The beauty of Nature" or maybe a dif. idea

And I just think it would be a cool idea to have a collab account that is massive and we recruit people and stuff.. just trying to make something awesome lol. Here is your chance, if I end up doing one, to be the cofounder or founder with me ;)

didnt proofread this XD