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Author script
Tags action author:script rated underbeknownst
Created 2012-05-12
Last Modified 2013-01-06
by 6 people.
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Description Shaking off the dust
relieving pressure
finding truth
art might do.

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really like
Thanks for the compliments, you don't seem to be doing so bad yourself
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different route. it's a weird corner jump, i'd like to see that fbf'd too just to see how clean you can get that jump.
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try fbf on the lower path, rozer.
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Hey guys.

Thanks for the comments - I've been good. Glad to see familiar faces still around! Sunset, congrats on the features :D All ya'll should hit me up for a collab sometime. I'ma try to be on IRC often this summer


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Blah AGD. How have you been?
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:p Haha, nah, but this was pretty cool.

jay Script!!!

Nice to see you mapping!
Nice relaxed and highscores feel!
Cool map dude!!
If it were me i would have relaxed the aesthetic alittle aswell.
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Yay!! It's script!

Cool map dude!!
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