Audio, Video, Disco

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Author spudzalot
Tags author:spudzalot darn featured hard playable puzzle rated tootin
Created 2012-05-14
Last Modified 2012-05-14
by 35 people.
Map Data

Description Now THIS is a comeback map.

Thanks to blackson and ChrisE for playtesting.

This map was featured on 2017-03-19

If ever a puzzle starts troubling you
And you haven't the foggiest of what t'do
Just think 'til you're pink and then quick as a wink
The answers will fumble and fall into view

Disorder is near and I fear you will lose
This order is clear any route that you choose
Quick steps are a misstep, go steady and slow
A slip or a trip and you're stuck down below

I'd offer you luck but that won't be enough
Bring foresight, precision, and ninja-like stuff
But utmost of all, when the going gets rough
Instead of get-going, give up. — Aidiera

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Faster AGD

Really fun :D
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Improved my route,

and now I'm going to check out some other demos. This really is a great map!
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With the first route I've discovered
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Never played this. There's an obvious logic to the intended route which makes the puzzle work. I guess that should be understood for a puzzle, but there are plenty of levels with that label that rely on the player's trial-&-error. Really like the transience of the layout and the doors end up making some really cool platforms

cool speech

one of my all time favorites


Has to be featured some day :o
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: )


What a great puzzle, this took me several tries to figure out. Weren't it not for pheidi's masterpiece of a floorguard puzzle, this would have been my POTY.
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ages ago
sad face

I don't do skype.

Are you around on irc at all? We could arrange a date.

Great concept

I actually couldn't figure it out on my own, but I'm kicking myself now that I've seen the solution. I'm like Marty McFly: "But Marty, you're not thinking 4th-dimensionally!"

Oh and about Justice. I love their old stuff and new stuff in very different ways, and I can't wait for a live album the combines theirs two styles. :3

sweet map

but I don't really get the far right side of it... kinda just there. Nonetheless, nice. 4/5
I did. Welcome baca!!
23th rate
5 for innoving these days.

*to see

it's rare to a map so innovative. congratulations!

too bad it's so ugly.

Dang there were so many ways to cheat I didn't even realize. I should have just focuses on making multiple paths and remove a lot of the ugly mines that were pathetic attempts of stopping cheating. Either way glad this got some nice attention.

Also why is it that open doors all immediately will open, but trap doors will delay. Seems like they would function the same way. Hrm.


i was thinking the exact same thing :)

18 rates?

NUMA's back to normal.

my way

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I was trying to find ways to cheat it, but I mostly gave up.
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Got to the end and realized I had overlooked the topmost gold. Bummer.
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it is really cool how many solutions there are to this (whether intended or not).
without looking at any demos...until bleh. Not your fault, obviously, though a bit annoying much the same.

Really cool puzzle. I think I did enough to earn the right to look at a few other demos :P
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This, this...

Is beautiful.


Funny map :)


new justice sucks.


Lots of room for improvement. It's really not good looking, but hella fun. 4aved.
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At first I didn't like the fact that it was possible to cheat. But after seeing a few of these demos I like the variety. Keep them coming. :D


This is fantastic. I like the freedom of being able to only open a few of the traps if it's convenient.

Demo Data

Got the route, can't complete. Beautiful map. Faved.

This was fun

Ugly as hell but so fun