Instant Hottie

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru hotashell non-playable rated tileset
Created 2012-05-16
Last Modified 2012-05-16
by 12 people.
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I'll remember this image for a long time I think.. (btw I don't really get the plant things or whatever it is on the right -what did u imagine? )
that is some good smoke
was EXTREMELY succesful! Thank you so much for helping me! :) We should do another soon! :)

Hey, I've made some

fantastic image-work. :D Log on the same network as yesterday, when you are on! #n-mapping on Quakenet!
you suggested. :) Using Miststalker06 - I doubt there are anyone called that. There aren't anybody on the channels. I'm joining via Mibbit (webirc).
Which channel and stuff? []

This would just be done with tiledrones as well that activate and deactivate the lasers. :)

Demo for below map.

I have a few other ideas as well:
One could make a scenario like the one in the Star Wars movie, "The Phantom Menace", where they fight Darth Maul in the laser chambers. Although, instead of Darth Maul, there'd be survival-like rooms. Imagine a 3x3 room with a drone circumventing a blank tile, where the ninja would have to stop and jump about to avoid the drone, due to the laser locking him inside.

I have another idea as well. It's a race, where the player would race a tile drone and jump across a gap, where the tile drone cuts the laser for a moment. And if you are not fast enough, you'll find yourself locked on the wrong side of the laser. That could be cool as well. :) In the race, you could come across a lot of different stuff, like circular pathed drones and some of the ideas I posted below. :)

I hope you understand all of this poppycock of mine. :p
Demo Data [] Now THIS is cool! :D []

Updated a laser.
whether you'd collab with me on an image-map? :)
I was thinking kind of a spy-theme kind of thing. Future-like something with stationary "rotating" lasers for fences and stuff like that. Like hallways with robots and stuff like that - perhaps some bigger rooms for rocket or laser (also stationary) dodging or something like that. :)
Respond on a map of mine, if you're up for it! :)
but looks nice. It could be possible to do an action map in the top half perhaps, with some editing of tiles.

Holy shit,

those are some searing hot tiles.
laggen tuts trotzdem vor sich hin. trotzdem danke.^^
..selbst skyrim läuft problemlos. >_<
by the way. weisst du woran es liegt, dass NReality bei 'nem top pc dauerhaft lagged?
wenn ich das problem nicht gelöst bekomm, seh ich keinen weg weiterhin hier zu bleiben, da es einfach keinen spaß macht damit.
..warst du einer der deutschen hier, nicht wahr?
mich überraschts ja, dass mich hier noch leute kennen. ;)






I can try?


Just sexy!
wouldn't have thought of so much gameplay being possible.
Obviously edited some tiles, but I think it's nice. Good tileset, btw.
Either way, Instant Hottie = Instant 5.