Lowest Ambient Light

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Author script
Tags action author:script lowest-ambient-light unrated
Created 2012-05-19
Last Modified 2013-01-06
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Description Why thank you

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The tiles

are beautiful
The probability that someone rated this is inversely proportional to how much they liked it
Demo Data
I didn't even play this.
Don't get me wrong, the central sections are perfectly fine. But the upper right and the entire left side didn't mesh well. And I don't get the locked door switches on the left side at all. What's the point? Looks pretty though. 3.5 down.

I jizzed myself

when playing.
the guass placement is incredible,
the aesthetics are incredible,
the difficulty was incredible,
the placement of the exit was incredible,
the gold was incredible,
the gameplay was incredible.
keep making maps like this and i will jump out of your computer and hug you.
(not really)
Demo Data

Very nice map mate very nice. 5 favourited
Demo Data

Cool map. Reminds me of about three years ago.