Burnt Digit

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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags 15mm author:fingersonthefrets practice rated vehemence
Created 2012-05-25
Last Modified 2012-05-25
by 5 people.
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Description 15mm as practice for vehemence. Been a while since i've mapped fast haha

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hi frets!

I'm almost finished compiling Vehemence 4 and will be published soon.
Just am contacting you because the maps you made were untitled, I thought to number them (like the rest of the maps in the pack) and name them all as 'Untitled'. Maybe you want to give titles to them better. If so, simply send me a PM with all the titles for the maps in the order that them are in the original .txt you posted in the thread.

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The chaingun works fine for me. I moved the rocket and got rid of the floorguard to make the right side at bit easier. Other than that, I feel it close to being done, but I want to see if you want to add anything else.


goodnight then :D 6:21 pm here

haha okay

i had my blue avatar for a long time, too.

have a 3000th rate from me!
better :D


'great and respected mapper', I'm flattered haha. Thanks, go for it if you'd like :)
it's really nice to hear that from a great and respected mapper like you :D i think i'll have to rce some of your maps, too.

I see.

Map []

I didn't add much due to what can be done with it. The rocket is just an idea of what gameplay can be formed from the area.


thanks! haha

I hope so, I hope I remember about it + have time + have ideas + inspiration haha... I've set like 3 alarms on my phone to remind me though so fingers crossed

So I want to say,

that you've practiqued very well!!
I expect 100 really cool maps from you frets!


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