Relentless Dawn

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny bloodymoonlike lsudnycollab rated
Created 2012-05-27
Last Modified 2012-09-01
by 9 people.
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Description collab with BloodyMoonLike. :3

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I've got an empty place right next to me.

Hey mate. ;)

..just left this commend to let you know, I'm still alive and fighting for the world domination! ;)


how you doin man?

completion. fun jumpin shit
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totally thought i already did :P


Demo Data


Demo Data


top right was tricky. Wasn't 100% on that part, rest was cool though, and I still liked it, just a bit awkward. Maybe gets better with more playthroughs
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i've done it. :>

really, really like dat map. :D
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i do that 99% of the time.


I do an amazing jump, then fuck up rest of the demo
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demo :(

I really like this. The left part is the best
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