49-3: Nomadic Destroyers

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-05-28
Last Modified 2012-05-28
by 7 people.
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Description 49-3 map 249

Little is Little

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...i dont make maps anymore sorry...but ill race you at any of my maps...
to collab with you, but I really just wanted to get done here, so I can get THIS part of my life out of my world, so I can focus on putting together the fragments of the frame that is my life again.
I just broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years. The things we've been together... man, we knew each other inside and out. We became best friends within the relationship, and there weren't things I wouldn't tell her, or she me. But the distance between us killed the relationship, and now I wish I had just moved there in the first place. But now I can really focus on my music, and I'm just trying to realise in my head that she's gone, and I'm not getting her back, even though it seems as if we're still together.
We made each other a promise that if neither of us hadn't found a partner when we were older, we would call each other again, and take it from there.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, Zoas. Have a great life!

any that catch your interest

could you be a mate and check out a couple of my maps?


Haha yeah, thanks.
Rated :)


Tied rozer, I think theres so little left, amybe a frameor not even so
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I never ussually rate maps. =/

Damn rozer! Thanks

I'm on phone just right now, but i'll check soon as possible.


100 frames quicker than you zaos.
also, fbf of course =P
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agd-1 new route

5 mins then will be done.
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pretty damn close...
will work a bit more.
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I am quite sure that someone who does not feel /like a tranny/ it can do much better, I mean miststalker fbf'ing, ArcticPony, kyozo underclocks, rozer, remm, ... Also, Fluttershy is for you. And for Ferox for make that incomprehensible comment. 333 to start..
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thanks Ferox,

but i can't get your comment?
also I have a 333 agd, but I would first see the attempt of anyone here. ;)

You're a mean mother Hubbard aren't you?