49-4: Roses on Rose, Oranges on Orange

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-05-29
Last Modified 2012-05-29
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description Here my non auto-generated special tiny 250 Map!!!
Fluttershy here is the playable logo.
We are in the exact middle of UAP!!
Can you beat 83f APGD?
Thank you all!

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...but when are you going to continue the RCE's?
i really was away. I thought I could talk with you yesterday already, but it turned out that I couldn't at all. i'm coming to irc now

spare me

ive had soo much shit going on recently my golf if really taking off and i have a lot of issues right now but im okay now i will see if i can find the tiles

About the title...

Like I've written here I was going to name it like that but didn't do it. I didn't know what you would think about it and the other thing is that everybody would have known something about this. But I want to surprise the community when you've RCE'd every single map. :)

Thank you again.

I have an idea. Wouldn't it be much more better if you RCE a certain amount of maps per day? Like five maps a day or something? Wouldn't be really fast but still a lot faster than taking looong breaks.
Maybe you meant this night.

Oh yes.

155-4 will be no. 800.
"430 maps with unread comments".

But that would be rude.

Thank you

for being a well spoken voice that is also level headed and respectful, while providing true insight into the happenings and trends in this community.

You sir, are one cool cat in my book. I hope to keep seeing you around this place, perhaps running it someday.

have you

forgotten about our collab?

You're welcome. :)

I loved it!

Thank you so much!

No zoas ...

That's not legit. You took off the last frames so that it still works. Cheater. That demo is actually 92f.
I'm winning! I want to see someone get 90f :D

83f AGD

Demo Data


90's probably maxed. 83f wtf show us ASDFGHJKL
Demo Data

Made the bb

Lower down on our collab.


I have my vote right disabled for a few years due to abusing a bug, where I could vote several times on a map. xD

So I can say I voted too much already, it is your turn now. xD
Hablamos maƱana. :3

No, it was good!

But I told you I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, remember? :p


heh, not really,

but I don't really try with these maps. They're mostly just for game mechanics and such

I dont think 83f APGD is possible zoas, pretty much 90 would be maxed.

Thank you guys!!

My dear guru, many of these rates are right and constructives, I mean that many of them are 2/5 or 3/5, simply the sincere opinion of some of my friends here on NUMA. I should also say that many of them have been on request in IRC, due to my annoying insistence.. :P
I just wanted to do something different, something creative, something far from a large map, or really memorable or challenging stunnig. I just wanted to wink creatively.
And in terms of gameplay, I think it works really cool, it not works like a conventional tiny map if not in a creative and different way. I can not exactly know if this strange gameplay 'as slip and move in a tiny skateboard half pipe' and that strange feeling when measuring the strength of your slides, already had been done before, only I wanted to do, a nod of my logo as well. sincerely thank you all for almost two years, and I hope to some extent you liked or your favor or at least have called attention.
still congrats to having completed a quarter thousand! I would have wished to see something more spectacular, though.
pero felicidades de todos modos. :p


How do i play it.
Demo Data

Congrats on 250! I liked it as a challenge.


Sweet idea, can't beat it haha but I like the idea.

And congratulations for your 250 maps :D

Sub-100 AGD

Cool map :D
Demo Data

Shit. Great idea.

Demo Data