Gantry Setup

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt destroy lazers them unrated with
Created 2012-05-30
Last Modified 2012-05-31
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Be careful when operating heavy machinery.

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because i'm cool like that
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Nice map :D
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This would be excellent.
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improved by fifteen frames
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Fun mpa :D
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that'll teach me for playing highscores with the big boys...


I'm getting better!
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Cheers m'dears!

I didn't even think of going for the exit switch first, kiaora! :p I agree with your changes to the left hand side, so I edited the map so that you have cover from that laser when going to conventional route (and demos shouldn't be invalidated)

It was a pretty clumsy mechanic, so I can understand if you weren't getting the right vibe from it.

Well now

Guess whose demos I just ruined.

That's right, you guys.
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I was the big man for all of 6 minutes.

I had an idea

it's not perfect because it doesn't quite fit with the aesthetic you're going for, and makes it ever so slightly more linear, but I think this would make it a whole heap easier:

However, just so you know, if you edit this map I will hunt you down and kill you for breaking my demo.


Fun map

I tried for a while to cheat it, but the lasers kept trapping me.
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Just noticed...

I totally ruined seneschal's demo there, go me \o/


I had a much easier time of it going for the exit switch first... not having any cover from the far right laser if you use the conventional route is a real bummer.

I'm finding it hard to give you any good criticism of the map, I feel like I should be telling you that it's bad, but I can't see how you did anything wrong here, everything seems more or less perfect and I don't think you could have executed this better, plus, I actually had a lot of fun playing it.

Well done I guess? :?
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interesting map, especially for highscoring. I'm sure much faster would be possible.
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It's a difficult map, i'll admit.
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I can't. I just can't. I tried so many times. Like probably over 100.

Wait a minute.

I posted a similar comment on your last map apparently.

...I must have a short memory span.




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