Laponese Janterns

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris hard long puzzle thwump timing unrated
Created 2012-05-31
Last Modified 2012-05-31
Map Data

Description Red, green, white, black, yellow. Bzzzzzzzzz, the drone of the angry cicada. Notice me? Not them! Notice me! Not the stars and the sake and the limerent sidereal swoops overhead. The twinkle! But I sing too. Notice me! A twilight kiss? A girl in your arms you'll forget by this fall? Yes. Memories? They will fade too. That this ever happened will be gone like the vapors of sweet summer sweat from your touching brows.

But I will live on. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Demo! The optional all-gold run is a heck of a challenge! The thwump stuff at the top? Also challenging in its own right. Comment and keep it light and fluffy, my brethren.

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But I'm not nearly as good as remm, so... :p

I did, however, notice something I'd never seen before, which is shown in my demo. Probably not new but I'd never seen it.
Demo Data
activate in front of you, when you travel right-to-left, but they spring behind you when you go left-to-right at the beginning.


You've got to do the whole bottom section before returning to the top area, at the start of the map. It's the only way to nab that pesky last gold.

But I consider your almost-AGD good enough! ^_>^ Excellent work, brother.

AGD - 7

Does anybody see a way to get that remaining gold? If it weren't for the locked doors and trapdoor at the exit key, I would have considered looping back around the top to get some extra gold.
Oh, and I had another window of N open in edit mode so I could check what the trapdoors did.
Demo Data



First completion. I'll take another look at how to get an AGD.
Demo Data

The third room is

by far the most difficult. You need to set the bottom thwump off, spin about twice and hit it with some velocity--too much and you miss your opening, too little and you won't find the safe ground. It's obnoxious and difficult, I agree. I can't get a good demo all at once. I could nerf it a smidge, if you think it's needed. It very well could be. But I don't think it's too hard for remm, and that's who I had in mind when I made it.
I can get everything up until the 3rd room, which is where I get confused / stuck.

It is, bro.

I beat it, and I'm an old man. The top part is totally doable, but it is certainly difficult.

devilish Japonese Lanterns! Cool
And I really don't think this map is even possible...