Oaken Dreams

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Author blue_tetris
Tags action author:blue_tetris bounce-block epistemology gauss tree unrated
Created 2012-06-01
Last Modified 2012-06-01
Map Data

Description Woodwork wounds from the chain of the old tire swing.
Eight shades of canopy, the colors of my passionate, rapid youth.
Romance runes carved indelibly into its ancient trunk.
The ghost of the table, shadowed in perfectly square generations of half-grown grass.
A month or two have passed: I've forgotten mom, I've forgotten dad, I've forgotten Sandy, I've forgotten Tucker, I've forgotten Racer, I've forgotten who I was.

But that damned tree.

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It just happened to be this one I commented on. I agree that you're pretty hit-and-miss, your thwump racing maps were like a breath of fresh stale air.

Stale because it's been done before, but fresh because it's not been done for ages, to clarify.
at the aesthetics of mapping. I have a head for the mechanical gameplay stuff, so I like to try my hand at doing something artsy every now and again to get better with that too. I usually don't do too great and I definitely take a page from the more artsy designers on NUMA from my time and now: Yahoozy, Sunset, drikam, and Senechal to name a few. ^_>^ It's one reason most of my maps are hit-or-miss.

Oh, Jesus... P.S.: I tend to disregard anyone who says "You got bonus credit from everyone else because you're Dave, drm drm." Because I've never been beyond reproach or criticism. I leave for a year or so, come back and drop the same kind of maps I always have without pause for fanfare. That's just how I do and I've done it many times. My NUMA persona is a different guy from my other five or six personae. Plenty of my old maps were bad, a few were good, and people back then just told me what their opinions were without qualifying those opinions with "I TELLS IT LIKE IT IS, SON!" (But here's your Red Badge of Courage, anyway. <3 You earned it!)
And aesthetically it's pretty damned ugly. A few of the more puzzley moments such as the three thwump intersection in the middle were enjoyable to solve, but overall I felt the map to be sub-par.

People give you a lot of bonus credit because you're Dave. And althought you will always be my first love (<3 <3 <3) I feel I have to be honest with my comments.



This is brilliant. This is an embodiment of all your manifestos, right here. On that note, it was cool that you commented on my map Infinite Dreams, since that map was made almost immediately after re-reading your mine manifesto. :p But yeah anyway, cool stuff. faved for sure.
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I love this.


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