Shiftless Loaf

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris doors featured floorguard no-jump puzzle timing unrated
Created 2012-06-01
Last Modified 2012-06-01
Map Data

Description Don't jump! ^_>^

Beat this map entirely with the left and right arrows. It's a tricksy lil' puzzle to make you feel good.

Post demos, try to get some gold along the way, and leave me comments!

This map was featured on 2012-07-01

blue_tetris [] once again never ceases to amaze us with his skill in mapping. Shiftless Loaf is a no-jump map, but don't let the genre deter you (however frustrating some of them you've played might have been)! This map is teeming with excellence, from the very first fall to the one where you will most presumably die in, only to realize your mistake and re-do with success. And even though it doesn't look all that good... It makes up for it 100 fold with its gameplay. — Sunset

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Demo Data


Demo Data
Best no-jump map I've ever played.

Amazing map.

Massively fun

I wouldn't have thought no-jumping can provide that much entertainment. This map convinced me.

Nice map

Presentation is lacking but the gameplay is really well done. Faved.

Demo Data

Great map

Perfect difficult curve.


sub2000. At least.
Still improvable but not for today. Really, "Este mapa está muy guapo!!!!" Thanks
Demo Data


Yes! This is a really nice stuff. Really well done. Bravo!! Have fun playing this map.
Improving it!!!
Demo Data
I hesitated a bit. One of the easiest maps of yours I've ever played (but still difficult)
Demo Data

These three pieces of gold make me nervous. I'll get them!



This is probably the best map I've played in a while. Faved. RIGHT!
Demo Data

Failed demo...

This is probably the best map I've played in a while. Faved.

Your recent output is extraordinarily great, if I might add.
Demo Data