Shoggoth Scramble

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Author Seneschal
Tags author:seneschal drones dronetrains puzzlish rated scramble shoggoth
Created 2012-06-03
Last Modified 2012-06-03
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description You can go right or you can go left. I dare you to go left.


Remm playested. This may lag depending on the speed of your computer.

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This is neat.

Felt like star wars blast doors or something. Force fields being deflected. The map as a whole, and the gold especially, was attractive, like that girl at the local bookstore.


Holy shit at the end...
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I liked what you did with this.
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Normally I hate drones going under objects, but I can't blame you for not re-placing all of them (47? nice). Very cool map. Yeah, this has been done before, but so has just about everything else in N, so who cares. What's important is that this isn't done very often, and even more importantly, it's simply fun. From a lag standpoint, it lagged slightly visually but not enough to actually affect gameplay for me. 4aved.
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What I mean I've seen similar maps before.

I don't get it



I find the line "Not a terribly new concept" funny. xD

Faved BTW, thats why you see me here 20 times a day.
Not a terribly new concept, but it's executed very well here. I might get a demo up eventually; probably not though. Solid 4.5. Call it a 5.

cool idea

good thing, that the drone trains didn't always split at the exact same point. that made gameplay a lot more interesting for me.
Set off the first train on the right side.
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This map is awesome.
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I rather enjoyed it.

Beat this:
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super slow

but first try. i feel like i'm good at this game again.
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(not that it is anything hard lol)


how dare you beat me?

for people who are having difficulty getting past that section. Although now I realise that if you're having difficulties there, then you're not really going to be able to get past the right hand side anyway. Eh.

Faster agd going right.
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why did you put the switch over there? isnt it useless.. ?


Was going for a much flowish and interesting demo, died.. Meh.
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the right way is much more flowish and interesting, you dont have to wait so long, you actually have to be active and thats a good thing.

faster agd

Atleast I do it the RIGHT way.
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Pretty damn



Going left.
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