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Author Ferox
Tags action agd author:ferox episodic lasers rated tileset
Created 2012-06-06
Last Modified 2012-06-06
by 6 people.
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Description Strangers have the best candy [].

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pretty cool

pretty tiles.
Demo Data

haha, thanks! :)

don't want to be an attention whore (xD) but if you have a facebook account, then please like: :3 it'll mean a lot to me

what are your favorites, anyways?

no no, your ratings graph is way cooler..!
the game play is good, but not fantastic.

ty zoas

One day I'm going to make a map and have one of the uber mappers submit it as their own and see how the ratings go.
Agreed a bit with you.
Sometimes I have the same strange feel with some of my maps and other people maps too.

By the way,

the link in the description leads you to an inversion of the tileset.

Very cool tiles.

But please don't be one of those guys who whine about other mappers being more "popular" or whatever. :/
i got lots of cool maps that aren't squares and want to be cool too :3

I get the vague feeling that if Yahoozy posted the same map, he'd get 5ived.


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:) fairly fun, mainly cool for the tiles though
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