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Author apse
Tags author:apse edj rondeau unrated
Created 2012-06-08
Last Modified 2012-06-11
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description 9 of 10 from L'eventail de Jeanne [].

begins at 21.40

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Very good, I especially enjoyed the rocket section on the right. Very fun.

keep mapping apse!!

I miss some maps from you...

And finish please, your Vehemence 4 maps, there is no problem about delay!! ;)

I see no need to change it.
I think it sums me up perfectly...


I quite liked this map overall. Most of the gold was fun to collect and there was some nice jumps to be had. However, I didn't like how the rocket could slip past the 2 tile into the top area. Also, I did not like collecting the gold to the top left. That just wasn't enjoyable for me. Maybe I wasn't doing it right....
Otherwise, you can't, sorry. :v

and wtf aapse!!!!

Finish your Vehemence 4 maps pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!
I'm compiling the maps into one txt file.

10 of 10?

in hindsight

edited. demos might be ruined. taken out sr route in exchange for a circular route.

intentional speedrun route.

Demo Data


fair enough. Gotta go with your instinct!

Demo Data

nice map

a bit too long, as seneschal said, but enjoyable.
Demo Data


i thought about that, and decided against it. it didn't fit, as i said.

death demo

I like the gameplay a lot, but it's simply too long imo. I would have preferred it if you could go straight to the top area after getting the locked door switch, instead of having to through the bottom area all over again.
Demo Data

bear in mind

this was a tricky one to make. this is the only version that i felt fitted the theme nicely.