Slings and Arrows

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris chaingun laser no-jump survival unrated
Created 2012-06-09
Last Modified 2012-06-09
Map Data

Description Survive as long as possible *WITHOUT USING JUMP*. That's right, just them left and right arrows and such. Leaping will invalidate your demo!

If you get all of the gold, triple your demo length for your final score!

Record your longest run and comment here, yo!

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I mean they are too hard. :x

No offence. :D

Played a few seconds..

Lol no way, too many of this.

Seen 2 of your survivals, both suck I'm afraid.. D:

The gold idea is cool, giving a nice challange but in neither of those maps it is WORTH. It is nearly impossible.
Chainguns make in more random dependant instead of player skill.



You could have added this at the end. No jump.

Pretty badly-designed survival imnsho

The map ends

when you die. Ultimately, it will be a depressing experience regardless. -Especially- if you are bad!