perimortem_map_pack_01: Air Traffic Control

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris harryconnickjr hyperghost sproing survival thwump unrated
Created 2012-06-10
Last Modified 2012-06-10
Map Data

Description (Based off my old forever_rocket_thumped map. Going for simplicity here.)

Survive as long as you can against these nasty thwumps! Count each *SPROING* and tally them up!

0 SPROINGS: You are Cameron Winters.
1 SPROINGS: You are a Cabin of Snakes.
6 SPROINGS: You are a Quick Learner.
8 SPROINGS: You are a true survivor!
10 SPROINGS: You are a Pinball Wizard.
12 SPROINGS: You have Raped Harry Connick Jr.
14 SPROINGS: You have beaten the Robot Lord.
18 SPROINGS: You have beaten Master Orange.
21 SPROINGS: You are a Space Pimp.
25 SPROINGS: You are King of Nebraska.
34 SPROINGS: You are a 26-dimensional hyperghost.

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I can't get past the true survivor tier.


But its hard to count. lolz.
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Almost the King of Nebraska.
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I think something like twelve

Weird but I don't see myself coming back to it.

23, I think

I am a regular Space Pimp :3
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Very cool

I make this 13 SPROINGS
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