perimortem_map_pack_02: Oligolith

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris chase escape speed thwump unrated zap
Created 2012-06-12
Last Modified 2012-06-12
Map Data

Description A classic escape map with zaps and thwumps. Reach the bottom to win. Reach the zaps to lose.

Record your favorite demos and make me see them! Enjoy ^_>^

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is such a good attack/defense CP map. Shame it doesn't get played enough.

hey hey!

was it really you on tf2 on cp_egypt?
haha wow how do I still remember that
But do you still have your mine and gold manifestos around somewhere? They're gone from the old forums and I found them really useful.

Demo Data

agd -1
Demo Data


nice to see you around.

agd -2

Those two gold pieces are tricky.
Demo Data

Not the first of its kind but still enjoyable. 3.5^

Neat challenge

3.5 rounded up
If I could rate