Debaser [Memoirs]

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Author flagmyidol
Tags author:flagmyidol memoirs moa-accepted unrated
Created 2012-06-13
Last Modified 2012-06-13
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description One of my accepted episodic maps for Memoirs. Not sure if the pack will ever be released in any recognizable form.

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speaking of pixies

they just released a new EP a couple of days ago.



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Any reason why that one was chosen? Nowhere near my best in my opinion...



Fun map :D
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So I hope that someone from the originals dares with this. I would love to play these maps, packaged as was the original idea.
Thanks bro. ;)
Ok, then I want to introduce myself.
My real name is Jorge, I'm Spanish and I turn 27 the 23th July.
I am one of the newcomers to this community, but for just over two years, N has become a real passion for me. I spend most of the day on it.
Free time? I think I have enough, just now I got fired from my job and live with my parents. My only responsibility is N. :P
My english isn't the best, you know, but I think I am a perfectionist guy, you can check this on my episodic mapping, in my profile or even that all of my 'banners mappacks' have the same measure..
Also I have good sense of humor, which I think is important. I know I can do a very good job.
That said, I can pack perfectly everything MOA.
Do not really know if all the maps are ready and organized, or have work to do, in that case, I have a good Spanish friend, Eddy highscorer, which can help with the order.
If you consider that I am the right man, I can get down to work.
I hope your answer, whatever, I do not like to be in doubt. If your decision is approved, we can keep in touch and talk about the many things that are still in the air, via IRC. I think it's the better way to talk quickly. I can connect later.
Waiting your response.


prett bad demo imo
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Fun to all gold
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only about twice as fast :P
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Not sure?

I think it's as simple like take all Memoirs maps and package all of them.

Crap AGD.
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