Earth Rise

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt chainguns hard rockets unrated
Created 2012-06-16
Last Modified 2012-06-17
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Feels like it should be an episode-ender.

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My demo was better

Apart from, you know, the dying at the end.

If this had been

an episode ender in the 80s column you would be so very unpopular.

Naturally, I found it super easy.
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Episode-ender comment is bang on.
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I'm just going to give up for tonight.
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It's intentional, and it makes doing it a second time all the more daunting >:)
about this map is that the beginning switch made me almost want to punch my wall out of frustration about that rocket.


I need some practise.
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Favourited for later.