The Castle in Spain

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Author miststalker06
Tags action author:miststalker06 enjoy imagemap nreality rated
Created 2012-06-17
Last Modified 2012-06-17
by 22 people.
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Really enjoy this next map of mine. Basically everything is hand-painted, and I find that the objects are carefully placed to fit the picture's aesthetics and simultaneously create great gameplay.

I really hope you like it, I've put a LOT of effort into it!!

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Troll is a hobby.

Ha ha, Drikam.

You troll :p

kyozo_43 - 4?

You fucking sniper. D:
How you get so many comments D:
I get 0 usually :P
Btw, I forgot to say that da_guru's correct.
Gameplay was good but I suck.
The image is nice too.

I'm glad to hear

you enjoyed it, Mammaletto! :)


Well that was an effort. Having to do the bottom left every time really prolonged getting a good demo. The two jumps there were easily the hardest in the map. Really enjoyed the whole level once I got the hang of the bottom left.
Demo Data
he makes mepisodes. What a fucking cool episodes!

A map does not simply stay hot forever.
make something easier for once! xD


it SHOULD be just a hobby


the gameplay is not bad as long as you show as a demo - and you have done this, so its fine. ; d

Oh, ok.

Well - I try my best. After all, I'm not going to make N a living, it IS just a hobby. :P

lovely image

The only thing is, that the gameplay of many of your maps isn't very satisfactory. I mean sometimes there's a frustratingly hard section, completing a map is rather luck than skill or, like here, something unexpected happens. At least that's what I suppose to be a problem.
Nevertheless you're a great mapper (one of my favourites) and I'd also love to collab, I just don't know if I could be any help.
really THAT bad? :P Man, I need to stop whatever I'm doing and do something else. xD

great image,

bad gameplay.
Really something I could actually use. Thanks a lot - I'll keep that stuff in mind next time I do something similar. I'm not an expert with mapping, but I really enjoy making images for maps, so I guess that's why I'm doing it. I would really love to do a collab with someone, so we could put out a perfect/near-perfect map together instead of it just being a half-baked idea like my maps usually are. Lol! :)


I was fine with the gameplay style but parts feel poorly ish executed, like that jump over the mine to get the gold was a bit much (bottom left), and having launchpads as a deterrent on the bottom left wall made me nervous about using the wall everywhere else. Using that hidden launchpad thing works okay as a full map scale thing because people die once then know, but like, first go I had used the right wall first with no worries, so had no indication that using the bottom left would be any different. Then the next demo once I had figured that out, I was again nervous about using the upper part of the wall, just reckon it needs to be a little clearer. Wasn't a fan of the proximity of the floorguard to the tunnel, would of preferred to always just perform a smooth jump and not be killed rather than having to push right up against the roof of it to inch over the FG. Also nitpicking a little more (hah) the rock-looking image where the locked door is looks like a representation one way a little, so when i first got to that stages I thought i'd have to go around from the top (or glitch through the one way I thought was there). In terms of the overall image though, niiiiiiiiice fucking job. Really nice. Reminds me of hapland. Adds to the gameplay as well, just as an atmosphere/experience.

WELL THAT WAS AN ESSAY OF A COMMENT. Haha. Yeah but overall it's cool, the gameplay is good (though nothing out of the ordinary/noteworthy), but overall I reckon could do with a little more polish, image is great

Also King of Spain is sick :D Heard the new album yet? I'm excited to, though I don't think it's gonna beat the 'Sometimes the blues is just a passing bird' EP


probably not the intended route at all, I'll check the intended one before commenting.
Demo Data

lovely art

gameplay is a bit scrappy though, as others have pointed out
Now I get it. : D


the title reminded me of Tallest Man on Earth's King of Spain []. Gotta love that song. :)

Guys, explanation:

"To build castles in Spain" is a variation of "to build castles in the air".
Just thought The Castle in Spain had a nice ring to it that the other one didn't, so I went with that. :P
And I'm sorry that the gameplay wasn't to your liking. I generally like most gameplays, I'm not that particular. If one of you have a really nice gameplay they would like me to cover with an image such as this, they can just message me - I would like to practice a bit more with these things. :)

in Spain?


I liked it

and the gameplay is better than others are saying.
The attached art in the description looks like an online game I used to play called Hapland.
4.5/5 ^

Meh gameplay

great art
I would not have placed the gauss and rocket where you placed them, and maybe would have used something completely different.

but sweet jesus this is the nicest looking map i have ever seen
I mean, it was fun, just not AMAZING like the art is. Truly gorgeous on that front, nice work.


explanation: I just think they are too freindly and that is pretty strange and I could even be slithly jealous of that. ;)

damn you..

but why Spain? I hate Spain. If anybody cares.


foregrounds actually ^^


one of the best nreality backgrounds map I've seen..
there was one cool underwater theme too.. I jsut cant remember who was the author.

plays well, nice demo.

Here I go again:

I want to pay a bit of homage to paradox-dragon [], as this map originally started out as me wanting to collab with someone on an earlier map of mine, when I decided to make it an imagemap instead. Paradox-dragon put some objects in the tiles, I provided and I drew some inspiration therefrom. He definately deserves some thanks! :)
Nice detail.
Demo Data

the crappy demo.

fun map :D
you put a lot of effort into this, so i think this deserves a longer spot in the hot maps page. 5.
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All Gold Demo:

If you're unsure of the intended route. :)
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