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Author 1211
Tags action-race-ish author:1211 flow rated
Created 2012-06-18
Last Modified 2012-06-18
by 7 people.
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Description A action-race map. The map is suppose to be played quickly. Enjoy!

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Sub-800 AGD

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not a lot of flow, imo.


Fastest on Nreality :)
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finisehd yeah?


The laser was the only part of the map that wasn't up to par. Other than that the map as a whole worked for me. 4/5


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Cool map :D
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I was determined to get a faster run. You had me addicted for a few minutes. The rocket area was great, but the laser and gauss weren't that good of enemies, they didn't alter a normal path in any way.
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The flowy area would be mainly the left side, hence the tag "action-race-ish". Replying to Rose's comment, I do respect your opinion. I do generally have a variance in the quality of maps I produce according to people's opinions, but again, I do respect it very greatly and I did see you coming along as blunt.


I don't see the race resemblance. Sure, there are some more flowy areas, but really not a race, in my opinion. If it was just an action map, though, I really like it. :) The only thing I'm missing is more gold - ninjas fucking love gold. 4/5
love the single gold motif. I wish I'd made this map
Even if "flow" is a ridiculously overrated concept on numa. That said, if I may be blunt, I didn't like this at all. It looks fine, but everything feels scraped together for the sake of the flow; in other words, the flow stole all the priority from the gameplay mechanics themselves, instead of complementing them. And the beginning was the only part that didn't just flat-out annoy me. Again, I hate to be so harsh, but... to be honest, this is your worst map in a while imo. ;s It's kinda weird how this follows what is, in my opinion, possibly your best map ever. Ah well, whatevs. 2/5


Most of the gold can be simply collected by following the route.


I'd love to see what the fastest AGD could be. :)

Same applies to speedrun.
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