Black Mud

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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags also author:fingersonthefrets earthquake featured rated
Created 2012-06-19
Last Modified 2012-06-19
by 23 people.
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Description thwumps for chumps

This map was featured on 2012-11-02

I'm late! I'm late! But don't blame me; blame the public transport.

Fingers (I hope he doesn't mind be calling him that) hasn't exactly exploited a new concept, but he has made an old one incredible. An AGD isn't even necessary, the extra gold just tempts you to risk all to grab it - throwing yourself in front of a train just for a few extra seconds.

He describes the map as "thwumps for chumps". I prefer to think of it as a map to separate the 'chumps' from the 'champs'. — ChrisE

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Awesome map!

Loved every minute of it! Though that last set of gold is completely ridiculous. :P

haha! thank you!

awesome to wake up to. But I take great offence to being called fingers. How dare you.

Liked the review too :)

I love thwumps

great map :)

hey this was on my list why does that always happen to us

Good show!

Jolly good show indeed. 4.5/5, my good man.

/very/ brilliant

extremely well done
I'm in no hurry, so feel free to make it as perfect as you want. I don't mind :)


i'm halfway done making a map so similar to this it's uncanny. death demo.
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You want a comment?





thanks guys!

and yeah that last gold room is really for the extra challenge, AGD-6 is a great achievement too
Cool map, though getting some of the gold is irritating (end cavern especially, though at least you get to complete the map instead of dying if you don't quite make it)
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very nice..

I liked it, I just didnt have a good demo or anything to comment about it. I just liked it. WHY CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT. HAV MY BABIES.

this is good.

this is, like, really good.

another agd

haha, thanks guys (and anonymous raters, though comments would be nice) :)
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Only you could map like this :)
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play this map guys! haha
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those 6 being the ones you gotta get last
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just added some one ways to the bottom left