jumper/block race

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Author Onesevennine
Tags asdf author:onesevennine race unrated
Created 2012-06-19
Last Modified 2012-06-19
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Description it's like a race? except not in that way, in the other way. i dunno, i like it

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i undid a lot of what you did. sorry!

i like the structure so far. i think you should add some oneways and mines and zaps and bounces to make it more puzzley, especially the bottom left


My computer always lags when I go in for the important jumps, which is ANNOYING.


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I went for a speedrun :/
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quite the slow agd

i agree with sunset, and will add that i really enjoyed the climb on the right side of the minevine.
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I really love how fluid the thwumps moved in comparison to the ninja, and how well the map was structured. Drones worked nicely too. Solid 4.5 if I could.