Somewhere Over A Mountain

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Author miststalker06
Tags author:miststalker06 enjoy tileset unrated
Created 2012-06-20
Last Modified 2012-06-20
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Description Here, have a tileset. You can also invert it to make a cool map out of it. This one is for speed. :) Enjoy!

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Beat your fbf again misty.
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tileset. i might use this some day, and include a cat in it.


;D Thanks!

ah sorry

it does that automatically for me, that's why I forgot it
you must connect to: '' server


seems like you're not. make sure you don't forget the #, connect to mibbit (irc) and that your nick is not taken.

hah wow

what a coincidence


1) get on
2) pick a nick and type e.g. "#n", "#n-highscores" or "#n-mapping" into the "channel" box
3) connect!

looks really cool.

da_guru is right!

Sweet tiles

Let's continue the conversation on the forums or on IRC. you NEED TO get on IRC, dude!
Either way your ideas seem to be pretty cool, but you need to explain some things to me. I don't have the foggiest idea how you made those laser drones do the crazy things they do and I also don't know how to edit your map data without losing the nreality objects.

Nice route - didn't

notice that one. Much easier, even :)


Ha ha, Eddy :D
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Cool tiles :D
Demo Data

i win

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Demo Data