Way of the Light

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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags author:fingersonthefrets concept lasers rated
Created 2012-06-20
Last Modified 2012-06-20
by 12 people.
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Description Concept-based map. It's not perfect but i've kinda had enough haha. A lot of kinks, i've tried to fix them as best as possible. Not my prettiest map, but oh well.

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yeah true,

I didn't plan on making it minejumper based, just all other enemies created lag which ruined the map. Thanks for the comment! and reminding me of this map. Not as bad as I remembered it.
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Sweet concept

The rest felt way overdone. It's hard enough to pull off the two laser things, and then there's a bunch of mine-jumper stuff in there, too? Not only is that overkill, but the two gameplay styles don't mix well, imo. BUT sweet friggin' concept! And I think it looks rather nice! (except for the doors) :D

I like the concept

thanks for the recent demos!

P.s. Kilian Eng is the shit. Good call.
But it was a lot of fun. I'm new to a lot of the tricks you used, not sure if it's innovation or simply great execution, but it's great.

Hey everyone, I made a typo.
I don't usually have trouble until 3 though, and even then it's only when very specific timing is required (As in my races)


a lot is probably an overstatement, just felt like a lot because adding it made the lasers consistently fuck up haha. Also I had 3 lasers in at the time so maybe that made a difference.


yeah I messed around with the order, still added a lot of delay for some reason.
Tis a neat concept. 4/5
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This is great.

I too have never this. Nice job. Been a while since I've something this.
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this idea is so simple and obvious, yet original and unused, which actually mean the same but idc
not really sure what else you could do with the concept other than... this. but it's a neat trick

Cool stuff frets. Not sure I've ever this before.

a tip

to anyone who might wanna do that though:

You gotta limit the enemies, as soon as i added a rocket at some point everything fucked up in terms of delaying lasers by a lottt.

yeah fuck it

keeps doing it to me too now haha... I don't really have the energy to keep going with this though and fix it, but I'd love someone else to do a remix or another map using the same concept? that'd be sick. It's a cool concept, I just struggled to make it much more than that.

There we go. AGD. :>
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The second one keeps on doing this to me. This is still a really cool map. I have thought about that type of stuff with the lasers and open doors for a long time now, but could never make anything reasonable with it. Great job. :D
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Would have preferred it if it flowed better, especially at the beginning where the tiles are a bit awkward and in the left hand tunnel which has a few too many mines for my liking. A clever concept, though.
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I came up with the exact same laser concept yesterday night :o What a coincidence! xD It IS a cool concept!
laser is to give it a solid run up, then it fires more consistently. But that's based on only a little testing on it haha, I had gotten beyond sick of the map by then hahaha. Thanks guys


good concept, but i had trouble with the top laser. it often fired late making it impossible.
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This is awesome

That first bit of gold was really well designed

really cool concept

and great tiles. faved


you'll wanna hit that launchpad strong ish, made it 0.8 to try and counter you getting the key before the laser registers, so it doesn't bounce you if you just skim across it
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