! V E L O C I R A P T O R !

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Author al__cair__raheakallan
Tags 10mm acr author:al__cair__raheakallan rated
Created 2012-06-20
Last Modified 2012-06-20
by 5 people.
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Description Just another pretty simple map.

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that 2015 is totally gone.
Where are you?
I was called to the Nampa, Idaho mission.

I'm reminding you to update your profile page
(when you're back)

I'm reminding you to update your profile page

I'm reminding you to update your profile page


Really, really liked this one. Great fun. 5aved.
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Here ya go

Here's some tiles for starters
You should update your profile sometime.
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Thanks it´s nice to sometimes get those kind of comments!

Could be, big Al.

Although, I am not the one to ask. Not particularly your Chaingun expert.

Sub400 AGD.

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nice one

a bit short, but fun.
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Maybe a chaingun re-vamp is in order in the future?

AGD is fun

I doubt that rockets are "overrated", but chainguns sounds like a fun thing you try out later. Rocket can be suited with 'Overused'

chaingun could have been better imo. rockets are overrated

You deserved this comment.


Nice map, a few mines on the higher parts could have made it better though. Apart from that it was a good, simple map :)
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AGD!!!! :D

sweet map.

but i must say... why use the map rating thread for a map that's still on hot maps? :P

you have now earned your place in my 'favorite authors' list.


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I think this map would be funner than it already is.


it's a pretty decent map
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