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I'm forced to disagree.
Although this is a long ways from N, that is what makes this map so spectacular -- that someone can (using NReality) take a map and transform onto a completely different level. I feel almost like it is n-art: N wasn't designed as an art canvas, but because of the innovative ability of Numa's mapmakers, they have expanded N outside of its original purpose. I believe that this is the kind of stuff that Mare and Raigan love to see.
nreality maps are good fun in moderation, but taken to this level it doesn't feel like N anymore. The beauty of N is its simplicity; being able to create such elegant concepts and gameplay out of simple components is intoxicating.

I don't like the map because of the hijacked feeling. Don't take this personally or anything - just an instance of hating the game and the player.


Actually... IF you are fast enough. I'm talking FBF-fast, you could scoop past the drone. :)
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This map deserves it though.

Yeah, I actually

thought of moving the drones. Too late, though. :P
didn't you???
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hey it is me again..

I do not understand why one does not like the gameplay..

you seem to have invested a lot of time to make it flowish, the placement is perfect, for example the floorguard..

Ha ha,

Drikam! :) That's the point of the second launchpad, so you can change speeds while still keeping it flowy. If you had used the top-most launchpad, you would have survived :D

there you go!

high quality death drikam speed run D:
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I was primarily doing it for people, who would speedrun the map. :)

nah I could tell :)

it was more my personal preference than anything. Plus when attempting a speed run the oneways made more sense.
Also mist, I understand about the showing where to go and stuff. And the bg was made in paint lol.
I'll check out that mine thing showing me thanks drikam.


Such map is possible, but you need more space for those lasers, you know?

those mines tell you the needed area. you need 3x1 + 1x1 so the tile drones can move.. an area trigger could be used to make the lasers on/off.

I'm grateful for

all your criticism. I didn't know what points you had stated in the past, Kiaora. I'm sorry you do not approve of nReality, but I really find it a fun addition to the game, because there are so many, still unexplored corners of it.

@fingersonthefrets: I know how you feel about the one-ways. I just felt, after playing the map a LOT of times that though the one-ways restricted some cornerjumps, it was far the better alternative to have those 2 steps of more room to jump from. Don't think I haven't tested, 'cause this may be the most tested map of mine to date. :)
about the restrictions of N, but if you're gonna fuck with it, you may as well go all out, and do it well haha. And you've definitely done this well.


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very cool dudes

I get what kiaora is saying though, there's something unsettling about all these new mods and ideas and things destroying the simplicity and basic enjoyability of the usual n, however, this is still great haha. The one ways annoy me though. Sometimes those hidden oneways work well, but in this case I kept going to fall so i could get a precise jump off the corner and (obv) it wouldn't let me. But yeah like. pretty bloody cool. I'd love to see the process for making the images in this and the other image map you made
I need something similar to those laser drones!
What I need is for rotating laser drones (that aren't actually rotating) to switch on and off in even increments.
I need them to be in those yellow areas up the top of that room and their lasers are to face down.
I also want them to only start switching once you get the 'jewel' - or exit key. (not sure if this is possible. If it isn't, don't bother.)
Here's the map [] and just get back to me if you can or can't do it :)





Demo Data


Demo Data


745 speedrun
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the dirty tricks played by the laser drones and the floorguard maliciously cover a huge range of the map, just enough to ramp the map's difficulty into something enjoyable, challening, and fun. the description's comedic sense of humor is just the icing on the cake. I thus declare my opinion on this map must not be just a complete 1 (scientifically 5/5 = 1) But rather add it on the list of online maps that appeal my taste in mapping and characters in this game. Enjoy your grade, and au revoir compadre.

see my death demo

to show how I can juxtapose skill and incredible shit play in just one demo!!!11!!
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goddamit, so close.

took me way too long... but reckon its about 740 something
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I dunno. I feel that NReality can open up new forms of gameplay with all the mods and such. With concepts that are harder to find nowadays, I feel NReality can make that easier. I haven't delved to far into modding with N, but I still find it cool what you can do.

As for the map, the image is nice, but I wasn't too big on the gameplay. It felt a bit lackluster to me. I did, however, like the drone in the bottom right, which did give a bit tho the atmosphere.
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the launchpads and one way were baffling additions especially given the complete lack of gameplay in that top right bit; you could've maybe reprised the mine/gold mechanic from the bottom left. I think you could also have replaced the floorguard with a gauss turret.

From an aesthetic point, placing mines directly on the path of the lasers is a bit ugly, shifting the mines across 1/2 a space would be way better.

I don't get it.

30 comments and only 7 votes including mine. 5/5 btw cuz this shit is AMAZING!


You've used the word concept there, when what you are referring to is certainly not what most people use the word 'concept' to refer to on this site.

I've made my personal views on Nreality clear in the past; I don't like it (or more specifically I dislike mods and am very wary of image maps). But the most striking thing about this map was, the combination of the images and the modded laser drones/moving mines made the whole experience feel alien. This map just doesn't feel like it was made in N. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing?

How come?

Because of the new concepts?


It just doesn't feel like N.

Lolz []

I got way to excited about this. xD


the quest was about putting loads of crystals and mirrors to create a white beam, but you had to run over ~3 floor levels to make it work properly, while being attacked.. not the same thing, but whatever.. xD


I've never actually played Runescape :) What was it about?

Reminds me this.. []

That was the most annoying quest in gamers history! xD
that one-way! It is another one of Dr. DOOMA's intricate inventions, which make AGD easier. Somehow.


explain that random ugly one way?


would make a perfect puzzle.. D:
use trap doors in the walls to interrupt the beam. But yeah, area triggers are much cooler to work with, especially because you could both open AND close in theory. :)