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Author runningninja
Tags a-bi action author:runningninja nirvana rated
Created 2012-06-22
Last Modified 2012-06-22
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description I just realized that Kurt Cobain was a feminist.
Fastest AGD by the time I make my next map receives cake.
EDIT: Rather, my next a+bi map.

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very cool. i love the extra sections with gold.

for me (average player), it's like: "will i risk another time or just complete it? let's risk!" lol

good job


Nice map, although I don't like the fact that you have to go into the exit's room to get a door switch. That room should be last priority imo. 4/5
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I'll keep it in mind

I've tried

to get an agd but im gonna give up. The level had a few factors which make it frustrating to highscore eg hitting the side of the doors and having to wait for the drone to come out the room with the thump in. Ive been close with quick demos but i usually just get killed in the final room. Good map thoguh :)

Double doors...

They really are annoying, every time i try and jump up from beneath them i hit the sides of them.

Cool map

good map

i liked the looks and the oldschool feel. top right gold's ugly. 4/5

Much better.

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Demo Data
Wow, i have never made a demo this slow and clunky before
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