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Author Twistkill
Tags action author:twistkill flow fun race rated sexy
Created 2012-06-22
Last Modified 2012-06-22
by 7 people.
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Description Hey. Been like 2 years eh?? Community seems a bit quiet these days.

Here's a trademark map of mine. Little rough around the edges, kind of a race but kind of not. Flows well I think. I'll have a demo up later (as soon as I figure it out again).

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The aesthetics surely took a back seat to this ride... is breezy the word I'm looking for? or is it whooshy? No matter. Great run, 4/5.

Wait I forgot this



Welcome Back

but great fun!


Shitty chaingun, shitty demo.
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This is fun and flowy. Welcome back!
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Pretty good 4 verging on 4.5. Everything went pretty well, though I agree with 1211 that the chaingun room probably could have been done better as in a fast flowing map like this having to wait a minute or you'll get hit isnt great. Really liked it though and enjoyed going for the gold :)
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It's from scratch. Took a couple hours of playtesting because the original ending didn't flow well. I'm also really rusty, this one looks uglier compared to some of my earlier ones like Coconut. My life is a lot busier than it used to be but now I have a day off today so I'll submit another one soon.


Either way, great comeback map. Better than mine -_-
I'm curious: is this an old map that was in a txt file, or did you make it recently?


It's not that bad. Plays like a classic map from 2006, and I have a soft spot for those. The only part I didn't like the chaingun in the beginning, but still I enjoyed it. 4/5
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I love you too.

Probably one of the worst maps I have ever played. 4.5/5.