Gyleon Stronghold; Abandoned

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Author miststalker06
Tags adventure author:miststalker06 drikam imagemap nreality rated
Created 2012-06-24
Last Modified 2012-06-24
by 10 people.
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This adventure-map is a collab with the demonic Drikam []. We sincerely hope you enjoy the map, as it holds a lot of interesting concepts and we really think the abandoned castle-aesthetics all come together to embody a spooky vibe. This is not a map you run right through - this is a map you explore.


Engulfed in the darkness of the night, you distinguish a castle amidst the distant shadows, and the moon is but an ill omen. The forest around you is watching, as you contemplate the mysteries within the castle. As you move your curious feet through the vibrant thickets approaching your next adventure, you feel the air growing colder. The frigid wind pinches your skin, but you do not care. Your mind is fixed upon the lurking dangers, the treasures, the exhilarating sensation of exploring the unexplored.

Soon, you are at the feet of the castle, and you find yourself diminished by the mere sight of the mossy colossus stretching far into the sky. The front entrance is sealed, but you notice a vague, yet shimmering light behind some wooden planks. And as you move them, a dark, damp cellar starts to take shape. It seems the castle is completely abandoned, however, you can hear some noises further inside. You decide to investigate.

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Still, it's great to see all of these elements come together so well! Especially the bottom half. Again, great work! I love what you're doing!


this is a really cool map. In fact this may even be one of my favourite n-reality maps. I think this may be, in part, because it is an adventure map, a style which I think is well suited to nreality maps, because there's nothing like going on an adventure in real-life scenes, such as a stronghold in this case. On top of that, the aesthetics in this map were just fantastic, and the gameplay matched them very well, which resulted in a rather real sense of traipsing through an abandoned stronghold. This is really good.

As far as difficulty goes, I actually gave up when I got to the lasers. I might try to pass them later, but right now I can't be bothered thinking about how to get past it (I am tired). Everything up to there was pretty good though, in my opinion. I think fewer mines wouldn't have been a bad thing, and would have helped with the feeling of exploring an abandoned stronghold rather than just running through it as fast as possible. But really there wasn't much problem as the route through the mines was fairly intuitive and not too difficult to pull off.

In summary, great map and 5aved. I will try to finish it another time.


at least this one didn't hog the top spot for 30 hours :D


The object placement is well thought.

The way you have to make the floorguard into not blocking the way at bottom, it has its flow at parts.
But I agree with you Seneschal.

The thing is if you play a normal map, you know what to except, you know the rules. Here you move and dafuq is this I have not seen it before.. They might be irritating, I know.
but the map feels overstuffed, to the point that it lags irritatingly, as aidiera said. Many of the objects don't show up well against the dark background (e.g. the mines and the floorguard), which coupled with the lag and some questionable object placements make the map far too hard.

Some people

like nReality. Some don't. I just happen to be the freak that likes them both... This is also an adventure map, as stated above. And my idea of an adventure map is that everything in the map is different. It's like exploring something, repeatedly discovering something new and fascinating. That's what I tried to capture in this map.

And @kyozo_43.

I'm glad you reacted that way ;P

Well, I build

maps with the tools I am given. As I've said like a megaton of times, I don't force you to like what I'm doing. If you don't like nReality and its tools, why don't you go play normal maps instead, and the ones who DO like these kind of maps can play these kind of maps. There's really no one forcing you to do ANYTHING. It's completely up to you what you choose to spend your time on.
I'm sorry if your computer is laggy, but that's not something I can do anything about. It doesn't lag the least on my computer, so naturally, I designed the level with the... tools... I had. :)

Also, I kind of design my maps after what I like to play. That implies that it doesn't necessarily contain the aspects you're looking for in a map. For example, I like how the floorguard is in this map. I like when it pops out of nowhere to scare you, that's the vibe I was going for with THIS map.

I hope you all understand that I'm not hoping to start a riot of these nReality maps, but there are TONS of normal maps out there for you to go play instead of playing the few of these nReality maps that I - and a few other people - make. :)


Yeah, unfortunetly the Slime is barely noticeable. xD


As soon as I saw that floorguard, I was like OMGWTFHISTHATTHING.
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The default n aesthetic is part of its charm imo. Not to discredit maps like these, but the beauty of N is creating atmosphere, great maps, etc with the tools you are given.

My 2c
You just cram too much shit into your NReality maps. Lag is still a thing, you know.
that game got so popular that they made a more sophisticated version.
mistalker, you've been posting a lot of maps with attached "blueprints" to them, and I'm wondering if creating a more sophisticated N, with graphics like the ones in your "blueprints", is even possible. I'm willing to donate.
I'm also going to put this in a thread on the forums.
Or, rather, I'm going to be collaborating with a lot of other people, but I want you to contribute. Would you be willing to?

There was a lot of cool stuff, but so much cool stuff in a really long map eventually makes it not cool. The laser section has amazing potential for a full map. Also I liked the way you did the timer after grabbing the exit switch.
Good luck, folks!
if you find mists demo too interesting.

<Drikam> my grammer today... D:
<Miststalker06> Ha ha :p
<Miststalker06> grammar*
<Miststalker06> ;D
<Drikam> xD
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if you find yourself lost in these umbral corridors. :)
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