Bramble Forest

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Author Darkaura005
Tags author:darkaura005 beatable featured medium mines playable rated rockets
Created 2012-06-26
Last Modified 2012-06-26
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description My inspiration for this level came while I was listening to Stickerbrush Symphony from Donkey Kong. Demo to come.

Constructive criticism is appreciated.

This map was featured on 2013-03-02

Wild patches of poison ivy and weeds impregnate the ground. The sounds of silence are ringing through your ears, pushing insanity with every invisible rhythm. You know something's up. Between the poison red cherries that dot the bramble and the shine of golden apples waiting to be harvested, you know there's another danger ahead.

You're hungry, but you know you're not alone in that boat. Just past this next tree, there's a presence too dangerous to merely avoid and continue forward. You have to go back. Back to home.

But where is home, in this natural city? — Sunset

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And also...

Thanks so much for the feature, which I forgot to mention. I never expected one of my maps to achieve that honor.

Oh Wow

I haven't logged into my account in ages, and I see all of these comments on here. I'm glad so many people have played this map. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed it, and also to those who left some constructive criticism it's of course always appreciated.

in response to my comment earlier about the trap doors, my reasoning is that there is very little work needed to be done to eliminate one of the very fun threats in this map, and you get the reward of gold while you're at it, too. the map is extremely fun, perfect mines, gold, and tiles so the trap doors are a really small problem; don't take that as i dont like the map - i loved it 5aved

omg sorry

forgot my review... too late... wont forget next time :/


Demo Data


Demo Data


rocket goes through the wall TWICE to get me. prick...
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First try

AGD. woopwoop
Demo Data

Speedrun, loving it!
Demo Data


great map/review etc


"it sucks how if you hit a mine you lose all your progress. because of that it gets old sorta quickly." - nitrile

that's how mines are supposed to work ;)
Demo Data

Its cool and all

but I feel like 90% of my gameplay was jamming down the shift key and hoping I had jumped high enough to make it to the next ledge :/

agreed with flagmyidol. trapdoors really kill it, it looks nice though.
but it sucks how if you hit a mine you lose all your progress. because of that it gets old sorta quickly.

this is

teetering on tedious... but not terrible. 3.5/5
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trap doors killed this
Seemed kind of thematic at the least I guess

has an old-school feel but it's just awkward to move around on. here's a speedrun.
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I found this really boring. Beat it on my first attempt without feeling any kind of danger or excitement. There was just not enough risk or even effort involved in getting the trapdoors to discourage me from grabbing them. Given that, there was nothing left but minejumping, and not particularly good minejumping at that.

Fast AGD
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I'll play yours later today :)


Really fun map.
I just realized that my map is pretty much a harder version of yours. When I used the tiles, I hadn't played this map yet. We even put the floorguards in the same place.
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For both demos, I'm glad you guys liked the map it's my favorite so far. I will upload the tile-set for everyone to use, I think it'd be interesting to see how others use it. And I'll be playing all maps made with it as long as they are linked back to this map. :)

Fantastic map.


yep, fantastic

loving the tileset, looks great, works great with the rockets -- a tad easy, but screw it, that's fine. 4aved
Demo Data
Demo Data


Glad you enjoyed the map, it was fun to make. I really enjoy video game themes. :)

lovely map, enjoyed this a lot felt old school and smooth 4.