ʎʇıןɐǝɹ puɐ ɹǝpuǝƃ

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Author 29403
Tags artistolipto author:29403 collab katnipkollege kuri unrated year2
Created 2012-06-29
Last Modified 2012-06-29
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Description collab with kuri/artistolipto

it is now the sixth week of katnip kollege. our hero cat is preparing to go clubbing tonight. however he hasn't met his quota of mouse catching; he must catch one more mouse otherwise he fails the semester/term. luckily, a mouse appears, and our hero cat chases him onto a mouse minefield, supported by mini gunners and uranium zappers, an overkill trap set up by nerdy tuffy...

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Gameplay is sexy

That first top right chaingun is very well placed, and the minejumping was amazingly fun. 4aved for a well made map.
i like the gameplay, though.
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