Roses are Unicorns

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Author thereisaspoon
Tags author:thereisaspoon palabra unrated
Created 2012-06-30
Last Modified 2012-06-30
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Description DED to rose for some constructive criticism on my last map. Trying to use less objects.

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nice map.

i agree with the others. 4/5
It's almost too good, and the few times I did manage to get through there, it followed me into the gauss area and killed me there. The rest of the map was fine, but that damn rocket... >:|

Right of the bat, the player has three different routes to consider, and options how to get from the final switch to the exit. Fav'd. This is a solid map
I'm going afk in under five minutes but I'll play when I get back.

faster agd

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sloow agd

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