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Author erikcu
Tags action author:erikcu featured rated
Created 2012-07-01
Last Modified 2012-07-01
by 7 people.
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Description From the deep

This map was featured on 2015-03-21

The signs had all been there: the oceans boiling, the skies opening and unleashing torrents of rain upon us, earthquakes, tsunamis...

Yet somehow, we had not been able — or maybe just reluctant — to connect the dots. I suppose it was the latter—nobody wanted to acknowledge it.

It's too late now.

A being, older than time, has emerged from the depths; a bringer of primordial chaos, unleashed upon our world in an instant. Cities crumbled to dust. The oceans swallowed everything; washed away by the merciless tide.

The age of humanity has ended.

The Leviathan has risen again. — lifdoff

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there is an agd...

fun to revisit.
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Nice review

The last 2 lines are killer!
thanks for the feature.
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great map (+gameplay clever with that hidden thing)

ah, yes.

Cinematic review indeed. I felt like I was there, getting my limbs torn off from the demonic Leviathan.
I must admit it.

Congrats dudes!!!

very cool review

great choice, lifdoff.


Whatthefuck is that thing D:
Slow speedrun.
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Badassss AGD

. held my breath at the end .
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tough stuff... agd
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i only don't like the mines serving as eyes, but the gameplay is really enjoyable. 4aved
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