Aperture Science elevator shaft cave

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Author HisTime
Tags action author:histime bounceblocks mines ninja portal unrated
Created 2012-07-02
Last Modified 2012-07-04
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Diz rocks're so easy to lift ( ,cause bounce blocks totally look like rocks).

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I can do for now ;)
Demo Data

Faster speed.

Demo Data

This was

gonna be such a good run... :(
Demo Data

Like so...

Demo Data

One more...

This is also possible on the opposite wall (the left one). It's REALLY tough, but it IS possible.
Demo Data

And nice job

on the anti-cheating! :)
Although... :P
Demo Data

Ha ha - nah,

I just like cheating on maps to get a faster time - I think it's awesome, so thanks :p
And about the -5 rated maps... It's been like that ever since I got here. :p

Updated, again

cause you're a pro cheater

And what the heck

are you working as a game tester or something, lol :D


ok, now on your third "cheatable" demo you did something very awesome and hard, lol

And 2 more ways:

If I could rate this more, I would still rate it 5. And I'd rate it all the way to London town!
Demo Data

And here's

a demo containing 2 routes of cheating. I'm so, so sorry... But it's a load of fun. I like being able to cheat. I get a kick out of that! :) I'm sure other players do, too!
Demo Data

I'm sorry. :(

Here's another way. Lol. :(
Demo Data


Tried to fix it abit :p
don't even have time to see if it helped with ALL 7 ways to cheat that miststalker06 fount, but i hope it did
usually, you can't stop it completely, but you can make it so hard that it becomes too difficult for the average player to cheat.
change the tileset first, and then add mines. if the tileset already deters players from using a route in the first place, then less spam is needed, and the map will look nicer overall.

my point

my point

And btw

to make my maps uncheatable, i have to spam mines in every fucking corner


you cheated my last map too and Im just really lazy

I think that is it.

I had a great time playing this map - sorry for the inconvenience, I've caused. :P 5/5

Cheatable #7

Also including 2 different cheats. If you want this map uncheatable, you're going to have to redo the ENTIRE top right area. Lol :D
Demo Data

Cheatable #6

Showing off 2 different cheats. I hope this demo spam is alright, I'm having a lot of fun. :p
Demo Data

Cheatable #5

Without the bounceblock, but with the door. This also works without both the bounceblock and the door, just jumping from the floor.
Demo Data

Cheatable #4

Again - with the bounceblock. ;)
Demo Data

Demo Data

Cheatable #3

Without the bounceblock. This is by far the hardest, but also the fastest. Nice :D
Demo Data

Cheatable #2

A bit slower :)
Demo Data


Demo Data

Dont move on.

They're loads of fun!! :D
Demo Data
when am i going to move on from Aperture Science :p

Demo Data