blink of thought

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Author lsudny
Tags 29403 action author:lsudny daguru unrated
Created 2012-07-05
Last Modified 2012-09-01
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description ded to da_guru and 29403. we should draw something today too!

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ey Blue Void!

I make an easier map for you! Play!


i think the reason people aren't willing to rate is because of this damn 'hot maps' system. (this would only apply if the person rating has a map on the hot maps page). if a map is rated 4 or 5 it bumps up... and your map is pushed down!
it was cooler when that system didn't exist. :D

cool map by the way, and the fact that i can complete it means a lot to me... haha. 4/5.
Yeah, we should do that! Be prepared to draw some absurd stuff again!
Fun map btw. But how come Numans are so fucking lazy in terms of rating these days? I think commenting and rating belong together. 4/5
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I found this kind of awkward with all the jagged edges and mines but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Here's a slow AGD.
Demo Data
another small tile form on the right, aesthetically, but it played well. and looked solid.
Demo Data

I like the object

placement, and the tile set is also well done.

The action was gun.

The tiles could be more exciting though.
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