stolen books, p.h.d

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Author Mericet
Tags author:mericet mericet unrated void
Created 2012-07-05
Last Modified 2012-07-05
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Description The right tower is for occasional cover and walljumping, but most of the action is on the left. Use the wall to ascend if you think you can avoid the mines and a lot of bullets.

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you do not worry,

if we all associate you with PALEMOON, keep it up! your maps are still wonderful! Still? No, they are just wonderful!!!

are you PALEMOON?

If you tell me, I know secrecy .. ;)
Difficulty was well balanced and it took a little thinking to get out.
when the majority of a user's maps are delisted. If I post enough new maps, eventually the listed - to - delisted ratio will be enough that my profile will be fixed. We will see.


Unfortunately that link just redirects to my currently listed maps, for some reason.

Just fyi...

You can relist your maps.

i love this

fantastic style

nice one!

i adore the thumbnail.
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this is my kind of map. simple, but extremely fun, with a cool tileset to boot.


4/5 (if i could rate it)
I uploaded an old version by accident.