The Magnanimous Garbler

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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune dda hldda hold left rated
Created 2012-07-05
Last Modified 2014-10-23
by 7 people.
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Description It's a Hold Left DDA. Devoted a lot of time on this map. Hope you all like it.

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I think this pattern is ehhm well I really like it. I enjoyed seeing you use those corners in your sr on my map
looks like I skipped over this map, lol. Hard to RCE 3 of your maps when I looked at all of them XD

oh, i

had forgotten that thing. will do now. thankx for helping. :-)

Oh, it's hold left.

Put that it's a Hold Left DDA in the description to avoid confusion.
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Demo Data