The Twenty Minuet Poo

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Author thereisaspoon
Tags author:thereisaspoon palabra unrated
Created 2012-07-07
Last Modified 2012-07-07
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Description sup

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Wait kyozo I think she means minuet as in dance. It's a 20 minute long poop dance.

Sub-700 AGD

Even faster than kyozo's speedrun lol. Fun map :D
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those thwumps were awesome. Great map, although the gold seemed quite pointless.
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pretty cool

i liked getting the gold.
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Q1. Did you take a 20 minute long shit before making this map?
Q2. Did you mean to write the word minute instead of minuet?
Also, it would be "The Hour Long Poo" if you had constipation.
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edited.. the ninja wasnt there...

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